Tuesday, June 24, 2008

crap...I keep forgetting to breathe

So. I knew on some level that my life was going to go from zero to sixty in a nano second, but quite honestly, I haven't even had time to realize that June is almost over. I've spent over a year waiting for JUNE to come and now - woooooooosh. Here comes July. Which is even more jam-packed with fun. Fun, with a sort of tongue in cheek eye-roll thing.
I've finished the non-fiction I was working on with Rhon, and I've just finished writing my workshop course for San Fran and the Beau Monde, and now I'm starting a research book on Nefertiti - because my next project is due by July 15th.

I'm working 20 hours a week at Starbucks and it's actually been good for me because I don't have time to think about me, my books, my career, my need for a runaway bestseller so that I can be rich, when I'm ringing up customers or making cappucinos. It's me and the milk steamer, baby, and that's it. I think writers (me, me, me!) can be very introverted, so getting out into the world is painful but important.

Yesterday I got my first peek at the cover for Beauty's Curse - and I swear to God I almost cried like a girl. It's beautiful...and it's mine. I am almost done with Pump Up Your Book Promotion. Dorothy is a brave and busy soul for taking this biz on, but she was wonderful to work with and I'll definitely sign on for another round, probably in December when Her Wiccan, Wiccan Ways is out in print.

Thanks for checking in!!!



Dorothy Thompson said...

LOL, wow, Traci. Found you in a google alert today. Thank you! It's been great, it's been crazy, it's been fun, but I've loved working with you and look forward to seeing you again for the next book!

Andy said...

Can I offer you a bit of advice? Breathe! Sometimes it takes a little bit of time and fresh air to clear your mind, and that when you come up with those best sellers! I mean, not that I've had a best seller, or even a published book for that matter... um, forgot where I was going with this, but anyway BREATHE! lol

your obliviously absent writer,