Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I have a booksigning date at BAM !

After many grumbled complaints, I have a real, honest to goodness signing date at my local Books A Million - yeah (imagine me doing cartwheels - without breaking my neck but really fast) and I'm so excited! After the 2-4 signing, we will go to McArthy's in Tequesta for more fun and merriment!! How can you go wrong with Irish Brogue Karioke? I can't do any accents, not even after a few coffee and bailey's, but I try Everyone is welcome to join us - I'll do more advertising closer to the day.

Pump Up Your Book Promotion has me as their Author of the Day (awwww) and I would love it very much if you (or anybody you can scare up) would come and visit me at
and ask me a question or two...otherwise I will be left twiddling my thumbs, and I don't have time to unknot them.

On another networking front, I am now an official member of the Jupiter Tequesta Women's club, and I've been invited to do a signing in Orlando in September!!!
And my Starbucks boss is rooting for me to be able to have my books in the store...we shall see anyway, everything is hectic and crazy and wonderful!

Come visit me...and there's a chance you can win a free book!

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