Sunday, October 26, 2008

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Hi everyone!
It has been a whirlwind of a few weeks - but I am hangin' in. What else is there? lol. This is Halloween week - my favorite week of the year! Scary movies, skulls, ghosts, and goblins abound. Tonight I watched one of the cheesiest movies ever - Frogs - from forty years ago, staring Sam Elliot and Joan Van Ark.
I know.
It was worse than you can imagine! And yet fascinating...filmed in Florida, the frogs were actually toads the size of dinner plates and Sam Elliot had brown hair. Joan needed a decent meal because her knees were the biggest part of her entire body, and in the end, the frogs took over the swamp and ate the old man who had been polluting the water.
I am one happy camper :) We watched Dead and Breakfast, and The Omen. We ate Halloween candy and drank hot chai tea. Yum. Almost as yummy as a young, buff Sam Elliot, lolololol.

Hey -tomorrow I am posting over at enchanting reviews - and I am giving away book marks and a book or two - come chat with me!