Monday, June 2, 2008

My book is Really Truly Here!!! Love's Magic

Hey! Okay – wanna see me panic and run around in circles? Well – forget it, lol. I am going to go and pour a glass (a large glass, lol) of white zinfandel and then try and catch up with my life.
I’m supposed to be blogging on all of the nuances of being newly published. I wasn’t prepared for the OMG factor of Aunt K emailing me to tell me that Spokane only had one copy of Love’s Magic at the biggest Barnes and Noble in the valley, and that someone already bought it. Cool, that someone already bought it (mom???) and cool – agh – that my book is really and truly out in the world – but Not Cool that there was only one copy to begin with…so my Aunt K gathered her posse together and they are schooling the Spokane bookstores on the fact that I was raised in Spokane, making me a local author – and they would need to stock more than five copies

Thank Aunt K!!

And if you have the chance to pop on over to you can find my audio blog interview, where I stutter a lot and sound like the only words I know are amazing and incredible and I think. I think excuse me while I get more wine…


ps - I am scheduled for blog interviews all over this month, so this site will be busy! today you can see me over at the book connection!! please leave posts and you have a chance to win a free book and some other fun stuff!!!

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