Monday, July 7, 2008

No time to stop!

These past few weeks have been insane, but since I'm fond of mild craziness, I'm adapting. I went to my first official in a book store booksigning with some terrific writers. We did a romance panel at Books and Books, which is a FABULOUS independent book store in Miami.

I have pictures of us all - here is the entire panel. Cynthia Thomason, Linda Conrad, me, Lyn Armstrong and Patrice Wilton. The next picture is of me and Patrice - who also signed her first book, Replacing Barney! We've been CP's for (gulp) over four years. Seeing Love's Magic behind the counter was impossibly cool

The people there were so helpful and it was a kick to sign books. We talked about romance, and how romance as a genre has evolved. Kristen Wallace was there, and Joanne Straatsma, but none of it could have come together without Isabel Barney!

We Florida Romance Writers are tackling the Erotica Museam in Miami next - come visit us, and hear our panel discuss S E X (what else would we talk about at an erotica museum??) lol

Event: FLORIDA ROMANCE WRITERS AT WORLD EROTIC ART MUSEUM in SOUTH BEACH -Museum Tour, Panel Discussion, Book signing: Authors Lyn Armstrong, Linda Conrad, Traci E Hall, Allison Chase/Lisa Manuel, Zelda Benjamin, Jianne Carlo and Mary Ricksen will be discussing sensuality in romance novels.Date: July 12, 2008 - 11 AM Location: 1205 Washington Ave - Miami Beach, FL 33139

Come visit us! We are a lot of fun - and I'll post more pictures - there should be some great ones!


Mary Ricksen said...

How cool, you all look so professional. Wow! Did everybody sell bunches of books?
A more lovely bunch of ladies would be impossible to find.

Lisa said...

Great pictures. Congrats on your first ever booksigning! Sorry I missed it!

Traci said...

you guys are great :) next up - the MUSEUM! and I'm quite sure that our group of museum panelists will prove just as charming, lol

Vonnie said...


Congrats on your first book signing - I'm sure you're a natural!!


Kristin W. said...

It was a great event. I actually learned alot about the history of romance. Congrats on your first signing.