Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday Writing Update

The idea of this blog was not to bore you snotless with aimless writing on nothing – the purpose is to motivate, share my experiences, and maybe amuse you for a second or two. In this business, if you don’t laugh, you die :)

I am NOT GOOD at patting myself on the back or leading a parade in my honor. But since this is the cool part about writing, the part where you can Google yourself and come up with all kinds of hits, lol, well, I will share.

Her Wiccan, Wiccan Ways is collecting killer reviews – I will post the links. I’m really excited about this because this book, this SERIES, has endured a tough beginning. Thank you to everyone who bought the e-version, and thanks to those who posted a review. I think that the print version may be available sooner than February – I hope so, and all my body parts are crossed!
Something Wiccan This Way Comes will be available, in e-book format, in November.

Good news on the Love’s Magic front! My cover has been in the May and June editions of Romantic Times Magazine, and I was spotlighted for the online version – you can read the interview by clicking here:

In May I will be in Melbourne, on a panel with fellow e-authors, and Siren and Samhain Publishing – I’m nervous, because what do I KNOW??? Nothing. And if anybody asks me anything harder than ‘what’s your name?’ I’ll have to lie and pretend that I know stuff JJJ

In June I will be doing a radio blog post with Medallion Press – how is cool is that?? I will give more information as it comes in. I will also be doing an online workshop in June over at Romance Divas, and I will be doing various booksignings up and down the Florida coast in June and July before going to San Francisco for RWA.

Because the word is out about author’s doing their own promo, I’ve decided to sign on with Pump Up Your Book promotion – very reasonable. I’ll let you know how it works.

This is the part I have been waiting for, for sooooo long. I’m ready! Very, very ready to work even harder to keep the momentum going – this is something I’ve dreamed about since I was a kid – to have MY book in MY hands. To tell funny but sorta scary stories, with a happy ending.

And make money at it :)

Again, I will let you know how it goes…I took a job at Starbucks so that I can pay for promo until book money comes in – lol


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moonmangsh said...

I don't think you broke your arm on that, but it probably is sprained.

Sounds like you will be gone a lot. I guess I need to call upon my $#!@$$#! to come play with me.

Great work. Your a studdette!