Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday - Prom Night

I should really go see that - it looks great! Maybe the girls that will be having their anti-prom party at our house tonight would want to go???
I have my fingers crossed - when they should be typing.
Where in the hell does the time go? I’d promised myself that I would have my YA proposal done to send out today. And I will – but I never wrote a synopsis, and those are So Hard. Plus I need to help the kids today because tonight is prom, and even though my two slacker children chose not to go, despite much urging, I have to help a few of their friends – boys and corsages, that kind of thing.
This is where the fact that I used to be a florist comes in handy!!!

Anyway, I’ve been figuring out what I will need to spend over the next year and a half – for promo and travel etc.
It exceeds what I make by so much that I am going to get a job to afford my writing career.

There is something pathetic there, although determined sounds better.

Me at McDonalds: Would you like fries with that?
Me at a Bank: Would you like a reciept with that?
Me at Walmart: Would you like a cart with that?
Me at my current stage in publishing:Would you like whipped cream with that?

Wish me luck

I’ve blogged over at the babes today on advice, lol – as if I should be handing out any of THAT to go along with the coffee…. Check out

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