Monday, April 14, 2008

Starting something new

Writers - new or seasoned - have all complained about how easy it is to procrastinate rather than write.

I consider myself kind of in the middle - my first book is finally out and available, making me new - but I'm an old dog in writing years, I swear. I first published in 1996 with a short story in Hob Nob magazine. It won a People's Choice award, and lemme tell ya, I thought I was IN. So, silly, naive me that I was, I put the children's books aside to wait until my kids were older. I had an idea that writing would be all consuming (ya think???)and they (the kids) had to come first. So I wrote long romances instead, lolol.
It made sense at the time
So here am, 12 years later, struggling to make my way in the world of writing. You have to be pretty damn new to not understand that writing is the least of your worries. Finish the manuscript, polish the manuscript, publish the manuscript....and repeat.
That's where I am today - the 'repeat' part, lol.
Sit ass in chair, apply duct tape, disable internet, remember that you love to tell a story...what are we writing about, again???
life is forward moving...saturday was my last day as president of Florida Romance Writers - sad, but it will give me more time procrast - I mean, write.

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