Monday, February 2, 2009

home again

I am home. 11 days seems like a year.
I am unpacked. I've caught up on bills, cleaning the house and groceries. I sent in my finished book and my proposal for a new series. I am still waiting to hear from my other editor, but I can't make her go any faster, so I am trying not to think about it. I gave the dogs a bath, mopped the floors, and I'm half way through the mound of laundry that nobody but me can do - or at least that's the subliminal message my family is sending me.
I have my other book up to edit. My goal is to have it to my agent by friday. Please, please please it will wow the editor and I will have a sale in this really super uber crappy market.

The Florida Romance Writers cruise kicked butt. We had so much going on, and the people are amazing. Aleka totally earned her tiara. Greg came with me and he had fun - he is the best when it comes to doing his thing and being a part of what is going on. He went rock climbing on the ship - we have pictures that if I can figure out how to post I will. If not you can find him on facebook or myspace, I know he's got them there. The booksigning was great, and my workshop went very well. Shining in a Shrinking Market.
But I came home feeling very very depressed about the writing market. Yeah, the economy sucks bad. Agents can't sell, which means writers can't sell. I have a friend who was talking retirement and it breaks my heart.
Something has to change, but I don't have the answers. Just work, polish, and submit. There's nothing too magical about that. It's hard work without a guaranteed pay off.

Plotting was amazing! I have two books plotted - just in case my publisher wants them. Be prepared. Kind of like being a boyscout...
with sex scenes, lol.

have a great day

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laughingwolf said...

wb traci... glad all went well

grats on the completions, too :)