Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Chance to Win


Hi all - come visit me over at Book Roast - where you can have a chance to win a free signed book by moi, and banter some witty dialogue back and forth. Or not so witty, depending on the caffiene intake....

I am feeling VERY fabulous - I finished my book before deadline and before the trip tomorrow so all is good. I'm looking forward to the cruise, and doing my workshop - shining in a shrinking market.
I've got prizes, I've got cool shoes, the world is my oyster I will gladly post the hand out on this sight after the workshop is over and if you want to take advantage of some serious goal setting, then we can do that to. As I said, I give cool prizes, lol

Where did January go?


laughingwolf said...

i'm there, picking on you :O lol

laughingwolf said...

hi traci, thx again for letting me win your book :D

Traci said...

Hey!! I have been out of town - and I just saw this. You need to give me your REAL name, bwah hahahahaha - send me an email at traciella@aol.com - I loved your blog site. Tell me what book you want!

thanks for stopping by