Tuesday, March 25, 2008

missed post :(

Yesterday was a sick day. My voice refused to work, so I texted and answered all of two emails. I spent the entire day dozing or reading Today is also a sick day, but I just can’t justify two days spent in bed. I’ve cooked, done laundry, read my CP’s works in progress (3 chapters total) and I’ve been ‘pres’ today for at least two hours today, answering loop stuff and talking (hoarse whispering, lololol) to my fellow board members.
My nose won’t stop running so I am about ready to call a halt and put on the television and take a nap, Kleenexes wadded up each nostril. Attractive? Hey, it is all in the life of a not-close-to-famous author. After my shower I didn’t have to even comb out my hair or put on a bra. I wrapped my sneezing, miserable self in a ten sizes too big tee shirt and stretch pants and my green fuzzy robe.
I get to do this because I work from home. I am also working more than I should because I work from home, lol.

I have two pages written, and I like them a lot. I am finally on the right track for this book! Which makes the 100 pages I’ve had to delete a little easier to bear. The hardest, hardest part about writing is deleting perfectly hysterical scenes that just don’t work. Great lines? Sure, I try to add them in later, but I hardly ever do. I have a file marked snippets that has all of my unwanted brilliance. So far it is gathering dust – happy Tuesday and congratulations to my friend Cherry Adair on her RITA nomination – and to everyone else who has been nominated for the RITA or the Golden Heart.

Let’s blame the tacky sense of humor on the Nyquil, okay???


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