Thursday, March 20, 2008

Critique Group

All right - I promised the good, bad and the ugly when I said I'd do this writing blog. Today was critique group, and my first five pages didn't pass the 'aha!' test they should've in order to catch an editor or an agent's eye. I knew that I wasn't on the right track when I was writing yesterday, but I had a page count in my head. Now I need to start completely over and it's my own fault. Damn it, lol.

I love my critique partners. I think having a group of writers that you know and trust to read your work and give critism is one of the most valuable resources available. Our group has been together for five years :) with a few additions here and there. Rhon was already published when she came to us, then I was contracted, and now Patrice has an ebook out tomorrow! Joan won't be far behind, and Jasmin is a natural storyteller - Doc's got a great book he's been working on and he's almost finished. Then it will be on to the next project! We've been there for each other, rooting each other on or commiserating over rejections. This biz is too hard to have to go it alone, lol.

Patrice and I went to lunch afterward to celebrate how far we've come. I've sold and lost and sold some more, and she's been steady Freddy - now her ebook is out tomorrow - go to and pick up a copy of a great book - Desperately Seeking Susie - and she has a print book out in June, Replacing Barnie. I have an ebook out in April, and my first print book is also out in June.

As we toasted with champagne, we acknowledged that we couldn't have made it so far without our CP's!


moonmangsh said...

Drinking during the day, eh? How is your head feeling? I fall asleep if I drink with the sun up. Thankfully I get home from work when the sky is dark! Yeah!

Traci said...

a girl has to do what a girl has to do!!!

Vonnie said...

Cute blog post, Traci. And what a way to promote. I started on the loop and went from bookland to here. Great linking job.


Ona said...

Hey girl nice blog. I look forward to reading your words of wisdom.