Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ho de ho de ho ho ho

We had the best Thanksgiving - we had bunco, mashed potato mermaids and lots of turkey!
I am singing christmas tunes and writing and partying and booksigning :) I am so happy to be here at this exact spot in my life. Yes, I want my agent to sell Guardians of the Underground by Christmas this year - and yes, I want to make money selling books - but other than that? I am content to work hard and put my time in.
Sunday we had a booksigning at Starbucks - and let me tell you, my friends rock. Dev, Faith, Sheryl, Becky, Nancy - thank you for being you! My wonderful manager/hubby made sure we were set up just right, the Starbucks crew had lemon loaf and coffee out and new friends came by too. Sold almost 25 books, so it gets thumbs up from me.
Today I spoke at Murder on the Beach in Delray - the ladies were terrific, Joanne and John had the store looking hot, and it was a 29 book day. Saturday is the FRW/MWA Christmas Party and then that afternoon Cindy Thompson and I are doing a booksinging at Waldenbooks in Miami.
On the just plain fun side, Brighton and I went shopping together this afternoon and we had a blast in Bath Works. We both ended up smelling like a combination of spice, tree and frosted cranberry. Ayyyy.
Destini is supposed to be home early enough tonight that we might play yahtzee and listen to oldies. We'll see. I am on deadline for my Feb 1st book - I am on page 25 of 400 pages needed so I probably should be writing. sigh.
Christmas is tight this year. It is for everybody...we are doing one 'big' gift for each of the kids and maybe some jammies and their stocking, of course - they would riot if there wasn't a stocking! I can't think of anything that I want other than a SALE and a CONTRACT. oh, and world peace. Want to know what I'm really looking forward to? The night when we decorate the tree, eat homemade popcorn and watch Holiday Inn and White Christmas and Scrooged.
what do you look forward to? what traditions have you managed to hang on to?

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moonmangsh said...

You sold 29 books today. What an awesome day for you. I wonder what it could have been, had your wonderful manager been there? lol

I think you are awesome and this weekend might be the right time to get the house decorated, the tree up, and those movies you love into the ol' boob tube!

Great job. You ROCK!