Monday, December 22, 2008

Free download Wiccan Wonderland by Traci Hall

Happy Holidays to all of you internet savvy people out there cruisin' the blogging world. Samhain Publishing is giving away free reads this December for some extra holiday cheer. Something Wiccan This Way Comes was just released as an ebook (you can go to and Her Wiccan, Wiccan Ways will be available at - and yes, even, lolol. Of course you can always walk into a bookstore and ask for it too.

We have a sad tree this year - it had a huge open hole in the branches. We stuffed it with stuffed animals, turned it to the wall, and called it good. My husband is already planning on taking it down the day after Christmas.
Christmas is meant to be snowy, and filled with family and friends. I come from the Pacific Northwest, you know? We all worried about tempermental tropical weather when we moved to Florida! But hurricanes seem like a cake walk compared to what the people there are going through right now. 30 inches of snow - that is practically 3 feet. In less than a week!

No matter where you spend your holidays, I hope that you are safe and warm and with people you love,


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