Monday, November 3, 2008


Hello and Happy Monday - the Altamonte Springs booksigning was really really fun. I bought the best new shoes and they turned out to be Lucky - I sold all the books they gave me to sell, and had a great time, too.
My husband (a patient, long-suffering man who understands that his wife has quite a few screws loose) said that nobody would even notice my feet - he wanted to know WHY I couldn't wear my flip flops!!! Well, as we walked out of the store and down the mall, we heard all kinds of women go "great shoes" and one woman walked into a wall trying to get a better look.
I so won that round.
Greg and I have been having a blast going to local booksignings. It seems that we are both working so hard that the three hours each way driving somewhere is a chance to catch up on what is going on in each other's world. If anybody wants to come and meet my driver, lol, or maybe pick up a book signed by moi, then come and see us November 15th at the Miami Bookfair. Or December 7th at Starbucks. I'll be giving out my 2009 schedule soon!! I hope everyone had a great Samhain, Halloween, or All Saints Day. Say a blessing or prayer for Loren.
One year, and the loss is still great.
ps - if you'd like, head over to Greg has re-designed by very boring website. I'd love to hear your feedback

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Lise said...

Men so don't get the whole shoe appeal.

Those heels are SMOKIN'. Of course I could no more wear something that tight and high that I could jump out of a plane.

But I remember the days when I could! Despite the sore arches, aching tendons, and your back being out of alignment, they really did make a gal feel hot!

Wear them in good health!