Friday, August 15, 2008

back from San Fran, and booksignings and - well, I'm back

With the help of copious amounts of SLEEP I am finally recovered enough from the past two months to post pictures of San Francisco. And the WEAM (erotica museum in Miami) field trip - and - well, that's all for now.

First off, I had the BEST time in San Francisco. But a few days before that, I had a really great time in Orlando at the booksigning with Linnea Sinclair, Dara Edmondson, and Catherine Kean - talk about wonderful ladies! Professional writers who were more than kind about sharing their expertise - and lunch was fun!

I actually had a lady who bought my book email me to tell me that after the first chapters, she was hooked - yeah!! But those first few chapters were dicey, lol.

So. San Francisco. Another Sin City (why are those my favorite kind???) and so much fun. I didn't get to see enough of my friends, but I did network and do everything I had on my agenda. Because as much fun as I had, this was still a business trip!

Most of my meetings revolved around food. Or drink. Or the smoking section, and I don't even smoke. And if I did smoke, and I lived in San Fran, where it was a nippy 52 degrees, I'd freaking quit all over again.

I loved Annabelle's - Kathleen Pickering and I had a wonderful dinner there, after a serendipitous meet and greet at a speak easy, lol, (thanks to Toni Andrews!) and the next day I had a great lunch with Cherry Adair, Heather Graham. Alex Sokolof, Rosemary from Australia!! And another fabulous lady, Joanne, from Australia - and a funny woman from Texas.

I gave my very first alone workshop to strangers - and it was FABULOUS, lol. Despite everything going wrong, it turned out wonderfully right. My room mate extraordinaire, Mary Stella, helped bail me out by ironing my pants. AND I got to meet my super cute editor, Lindsey from Samhain. AND I danced, and met new friends as well as cemented old friendships AND I went to about five workshops - okay! Hubby just came home and he wants to go out to dinner! So a few quick pics, and I'll do more later -I have gossip! Industry news! Blackmail worthy photos, lololol

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Dara Edmondson said...

Glad the workshop went well. We enjoyed your company, too at the signing in Orlando. Looking forward to the next one!